The accountability team met after Clay’s July visit to the Quarry, and listened to experiences and feedback from several folks who had worked with and interacted with Clay during that visit.  The team heard many positive comments, but also heard about some issues.   Before making a decision fitting in to the overall process timeline (see post in this blog dated Oct 4, 2018), the team had to make a quick decision about Sh’Bang.  After difficult deliberation, the decision was made to ask Clay not to attend Sh’Bang, but to invite Clay to return at a later time, not during festivals.  This is the letter that was sent to Clay.

September 03, 2019
Dear Clay,
Based on the reflections and input from the community we are deciding that is in the
best interest of the community and the accountability process for you not to attend
ShBang this year. We have received and experienced a wide variety of input including a
range of positive and challenging experiences. These positive experiences and
reflections give us hope that the accountability process is leading to growth and healing
within our shared community.
The same behaviors that were the root cause of the accountability process showed up
while you were visiting the quarry. These behaviors included: lack of empathy, not
respecting boundaries, not giving value or making space for other people’s experiences
in how you choose to show up.
Concerns were expressed by several individuals in regards to your behavior during your
visit here. A handful of first hand experiences with Clay went in a way that did not
display necessary growth for reintegration.
When concerns and requests were made, we believe your response was defensive and
displayed energy that was not in respect or support of the concerns and requests. You
seemed to be struggling with the ability to create space for other people’s experiences
in those situations which brought up concern and questions. Based on the reflections
and input from the community we are deciding that is not in the best interest of the
community and the accountability process to not have Clay at ShBang this year.
We are currently discussing what the path forward looks like within the accountability
process. We will meet and agree on a path forward as soon as possible, likely
sometime toward the end of September.
Reintegration is key for you Clay, but also we must consider the community and their
needs as well. It is our hope to have reintegration and we will continue to work towards
this goal. We may start with future visits to the quarry outside of festivals. But with better
perimeters for success, sick as having the availability of the accountability team

members to be present for your visits. We would hope to discuss what would work best
moving forward at the end of September and figure out what the best course of action
would be upon future visits, moving towards you being able to participate in Quarry
community events soon.
We will be sending an updated email to the quarry community that you are still
participating in the accountability process and we all are doing our due diligence with
you. We want to continue to develop and repair your bond with the community, that is
our utmost goal and we want to have better practices and fulfill the formal accountability
process as a whole community.