Camping Fees

$14/day per person, regardless of the length of your stay, due on the 1st of each month or on the first day of your stay, payable by check or online. This includes parking for one regular-sized vehicle.

$2/day additional fee for vehicles, trailers, and RV’s over 20 feet in length.

Campers who will be staying for a week or more are eligible for reduced camping fees through campground work parties (explained below!) You’re eligible for 5 hours of work exchange per week valued at $11/hr.

What’s Included

Outdoor Kitchen

The outdoor kitchen has two propane-powered stoves and all of the cooking implements you’d need to create beautiful, nourishing meals. It’s also stocked with a variety of bulk food, spices and cooking oil that are included in your camping fees.

The Land

The Quarry is a 84-acre property that spans ecosystems from wetlands to beautiful second-growth forest. You can take a walk in the woods, hear beaver slaps as you walk near the wetlands and take dips in one of the best swimming holes in the pacific northwest.

The Willow Spiral Shower and Cedar Sauna

We have an outdoor shower located within a spiral fence of woven willow branches. There’s on-demand hot water, so bring your towel and biodegradable soap! You’ll also be welcome to attend sauna nights sponsored by quarry residents. Mmmm…steamy…

The People

The Quarry is home to a number of full-time residents who work to fulfill the mission of this vibrant arts center. You may see them operating heavy machinery to continue shaping the festival grounds, juggling clubs as they unicycle to the quarry for a dip or working on an art installation for some upcoming project. Say hi! Make friends!

The Poopers

As a camper you’ll get to give back to the land through our composting toilets! They’re stocked with ample toilet paper and wood chips to keep everything smelling fresh like the forest floor.


Work Parties

Campers are invited to participate in work parties as a part of the work exchange program. Work parties begin at 10am every Sunday and go until about 3pm, with a big communal lunch at the end.


The Quarry hosts a number of festivals over the course of the summer. As a camper, you will need to buy a ticket for festivals going on during your stay or work out other arrangements with the festival organizers. If you don’t wish to attend, but would like to stay on the land, a limited number of spots will be available for self-sufficient campers who will not need the use of the outdoor kitchen or other amenities for the duration of the festival.



Warehouse/yurt access

• Fill out application

• Monthly fee: $2/day

• Approved applicants will be eligible for 6 additional work exchange hours to cover fees.

Personal heating firewood: $1/day

Extra vehicle: $2/day

Extra oversize vehicle: $3/day