About Us

Having previously operated as an industrial rock quarry for 36 years, the 61 acre land site was collectively purchased by a group of artists in 2007. Since then we have worked to develop an art focused infrastructure in connection with the land. The Lookout Arts Quarry (LAQ) operates as an arts center whose mandate is to steward the health and biodiversity of the land while providing an educational and professional destination for artists and a location for festival gatherings.

LAQ is a C-corporation owned solely by its shareholders. We operate with a triple bottom line of cultural, environmental, and financial sustainability. LAQ is managed through the sociocratic principles, using influential and interconnected circles of leaders and representatives to conduct operations and adhere to our guiding principles as an organization. Decisions are made primarily by consensus with consideration to our Vision Mission Aim.



To create community through art, play and innovative action.


To provide a cultural hub that inspires caring connection of the international arts community. To flourish in this endeavor by cultivating a rich artistic practice of health, education, environmental stewardship, and technology.


We aim to host inspiring events showcasing the natural environment and to create livable spaces where culturally diverse seasonal communities of artists can grow, play, collaborate, and present innovative art.