Artist in Residency


Over the years we have provided the space for artists of many different disciplines (performing art, clown, photography, circus, film, metal, textiles, dance, puppetry, theatre, writing, music, murals, comics, multidisciplinary, and more!) to create. We take solo artists as well as groups, and our timelines can be flexible to fit your project. Read on to discover more about the program and our facilities.


Our largest indoor studio space is a 1,000 sq ft (22’ by 45’) dance studio. It has linoleum-topped sprung wood dance floor, sunlight, radiant floor heating, 15’ of mirrors, two beams for aerial rigging, a piano, and a stereo. This space is available and accessible 24 hrs a day (quiet hours from 11:11 pm to 8:08 am) except when booked privately (typically 0 to 4 hrs a week). The artist in residence gets 0 to 2 hrs of reserved private rehearsal time per day free of charge or additional hours at $15/hr. When not booked, the studio is shared with residents. Additionally, we have a wood-stove-heated visual art and music yurt with piano and other instruments. We have a sewing nook/craft nook that is above the studio. Outdoors (when the weather allows) we have a large covered festival stage, a rustic saloon stage, a lake with a large floating dock, a pirate ship, and 60 plus acres of woods, trails, roads and wetlands to explore.


Our dedicated artist in resident room is a converted 17′ travel trailer with bed, desk, chair, wood stove and power. Artists may also request/propose tent camping, car camping, etc. For cooking we have a large shared kitchen space and stocked with bulk organic foods (grains, oils, spices, baking ingredients, etc). Commercial-size coin operated washer and dryer. Indoor and (seasonal) outdoor shower. Indoor toilet and outdoor (seasonal) toilets. We have a community tool shed (with all the left handed gloves one could need!). Other spaces may be available by request so let us know about your project and we will see if we can accommodate!

Selection Criteria

Here are some things we consider when reviewing applications for Artists in Residence. Projects do not need to represent everything below to be considered.

• Clear Focus (specific, achievable goals, well thought out proposals, an envisioned finished showing)

• Artistic Experience (experience in the discipline, or a similar discipline to the proposed project)

• Relevant (Work that is contemporary, new, exciting, fresh, experimental, thought provoking)

• Representation (Does your project increase representation and inclusion in age, class, race, gender, sexuality, and/or ability?)

• Timeline (Finding mutually available dates between you and other residencies, festivals, etc)

• Community Integration (People or projects which are community minded and complementary to our community)

• Environmentally Conscious (Projects utilizing reclaimed materials, cultivates a relationship to the land, etc.)

Community Involvement

We ask that you take part in our community for the duration of your stay through weekly work parties.


We value the cultural exchange from hosting artists and to this end have subsidized the base rate of the program to be $150 per person per month (partial months also available, please inquire!). Also, we have equity based scholarships for artists who identify as BIPOC, latinx, queer, low income, and/or other historically marginalized, oppressed, or underrepresented groups.

Final Showing

*Due to COVID-19 we’ve paired down our showing requirements and options, let’s see what’s possible for your project! Most Artist In Residencies culminate with a “showing” of the work. This can take the form of: a performance, a workshop, an album, a pop-up gallery, a blog post, etc.


We prefer residencies that are 1 month in duration but we’re open to proposals for longer or shorter stays. Artist in Residence stays are typically booked on a rolling basis, 2 to 3 months before the timeline in question.